Yoga Culture is an urban yoga clothing company that goes deeper than appearance. Featuring a connection to the core values of traditional yoga, we promote a balanced lifestyle based on sustainability, empowerment and inner peace, all the while, providing sustainable yoga wear made right here in Canada. The passion and the energy invested in Yoga Culture are the essence of what we do.

Mindfulness extends beyond the cushion and daily mantras for us at Yoga Culture. In addition to everything from design to production being sourced in our own backyard, we use eco-conscious polyester that uses 70% less water, energy and heat than your average market polyester fabric. When you shop our store, you’ll find a colourful collection of stylish pieces ranging from matcha lattes to mats, while also proudly representing a line of apparel that is mindful of the environment and the land we live on.

Our vibrant and uniquely patterned leggings are designed and produced in Ontario . All our ultra soft Tank Tops are printed in Toronto. A portion of our profit goes to Because I am a Girl initiative working to end gender inequality and promote girls' rights. Learn more about this movement here.


Born and raised in India, Shailja, the founder of Yoga Culture, had a unique opportunity to connect directly with the true essence of yoga from a very young age. Shailja’s daily rituals still to this day, include her own meditation practice, as well as teaching her now four-year-old daughter how to meditate.

Shailja Jha is not only a woman with appreciation for fashion and design but also genuinely understands what it means to have roots in yogic culture and mindfulness. A large part of Shailja’s upbringing and her family’s daily practice are her daily meditation and understanding of the Sanskrit language.

With a bachelor's degree in Textile Design and Management from a premier institute affiliated to Nottingham Trent University, UK, Shailja has worked for some of the largest women’s wear brands and home furnishing labels across the globe. Using her knowledge and education to connect her passion and skillset of design with her yogic roots was just a matter of time.

In 2014, Shailja was blessed with a wonderful baby girl who became her inspiration. Nearing the end of her maternity leave, Shailja was faced with the decision to go back to the corporate world or to launch the business marrying design and yoga that she had long dreamed of. With patience, commitment and positive attitude, Shailja started to put together the pieces of Yoga Culture, hoping to successfully merge the inner essence of yoga with sustainable, high quality yoga apparel. Shailja went to follow her dream.

As the concept of Yoga Culture took shape, Shailja decided to channel her energy towards building a brand close to her heart and values. The road wasn’t easy, but Shailja’s experience in the textile industry, along with her artistic creativity has taken her to the beginnings of Yoga Culture.


The choice of our logo came naturally, and it was inspired by one of the Eight Limbs of Yoga: “Dhyana” (deep meditation). The well-known “Lotus” position has been graciously simplified to straightforward, harmonious shapes. The Circle is the focal point of the Yoga Culture logo, reuniting the mind and the meditation in one, unified form. Its position on the top of the logo was chosen carefully in order to render the “crown chakra”, which is the center of trust, devotion, inspiration, happiness and positivity.

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