August 21, 2018

Inspiring Yogi Spotlight

We sat down with Sabina Erlich, yoga teacher and owner of Mississauga based yoga studio, Hatch Yoga and asked some candid questions on her journey of Yoga. In her own words "You just need to “hatch”, and our job is to guide you with compassion and care."

Sabina Hatch Yoga

What made you consider yoga

Of Argentinian background, I discovered the practice of yoga shortly after I moved to Canada with my young family in 2002. Leaving behind a hectic career in IT and facing an incredible amount of stress as a new immigrant, yoga not only helped me to cope with that transition, but also to overcome an eating disorder that I suffered from for many years making me feel fractured and disconnected from myself. My first contact with the practice was through the practice of mindfulness and meditation, and that led me to the discovery of the physical practice. I was powerfully drawn to yoga from the very first time I sat to meditate and had a glimpse of peace and acceptance; and slowly, I began to feel whole for the first time in my life.

How has yoga helped you personally

I wouldn’t have been able to walk that path alone. I had amazing teachers who guided me. And that realization awoke in me the passion for teaching. After taking two teacher trainings and countless hours of courses and workshops; I started teaching various styles of yoga and meditation at several studios and fitness clubs. 

But as yoga never ceases to make you grow, I found that my dharma, my calling, was to create my own studio, a sacred place in where I could create space to nurture and inspire a community. A space of safety and acceptance, of unconditional love, in which every single member of our staff shares the same passion. and that’s how Hatch Yoga came to life.

What challenges Yoga student commonly face

Many students are worried and are judgmental of themselves, especially in front of others, without being their true self. They think they are not fit enough to practice Yoga. Whereas, the truth is that Yoga is all about self acceptance and not a competition with others. Yoga is for everyone.

How is Hatch Yoga different from others

In our western society, the practice of yoga took all kind of shapes and forms; different studios and different teachers offer different experiences. At one end of the spectrum it can be just a physical workout, and at the other, a doctrine full of rituals and traditions that are difficult for us to relate to in modern society. At Hatch, we capture the essence of yoga with a unique holistic approach. Every single member of our staff shares this philosophy; we start from the premise that you are already perfect and everything you need is in you. You just need to “hatch”, and our job is to guide you with compassion and care.

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