April 21, 2018

Buying local impacts everything from the economy to the environment.

These days we talk a lot about the slow fashion movement, as well as how to be a more conscientious consumer. There exist one of the best ways to be more conscientious when you shop — and that’s buying local. The impacts of buying local are far reaching, and they affect both your community and the global market in many different ways. Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should make it a point to buy local whenever possible:

#1. Buying local helps to protect the environment.

Today, the vast majority of goods are shipped from overseas, with an estimated 100,000 ships on the seas at any given moment, ferrying goods from Asia to consumers in both North America and Europe. The environmental consequences of this are huge, because the sulphur emissions from just 16 super-ships is equivalent to that of the entire fleet of cars in the world. When you buy local, nothing has to be shipped or transported. Local business are also much more likely to reuse and recycle materials.

#2. Buying local promotes fair wages around the world.

When you buy local, you are choosing to support a company that pays fair wages and utilizes sustainable business practices. It also means that you aren’t supporting big corporations that rely on sweatshops and cheap child labor to manufacture their goods. The more people make the shift to supporting local business instead of these kinds of corporations, the more it will force corporations to change their practices in order to try to win customers back.

#3. Buying local in an investment in your community.

Believe it or not, local businesses generate a whopping 70 percent more activity for local economies than big box stores. When you buy local, you’re putting your money back into your own local economy, helping to support your friends, family and neighbours.

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