August 19, 2018

Seven Chakra and Kundalini

What is Chakra?

The word "Chakra" in Sanskrit translates to wheel or circle. In meditation and Yoga, there are seven chakras, each have associations with certain physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. These chakra system can be depicted like a closed electric circuit that folds around your spine to head.

Have you ever wondered if you are living life at its fullest? Did you ever felt like you have unleashed all of your energies, reaching a deep state of peace and illumination? Can you connect your inner energy and synchronize it with the energy of the Universe?

If you have answered NO to at least one of the questions above, there is a part of you that waits to be discovered. Speaking of inner energies and unexplored inner self. Each of these seven chakra is a checkpoint that lights whenever activated.

What is Kundalini?

Strategically placed at the base of the spine, this “serpent power” of Kundalini is coiled around the first chakra, but it can easily unfold upwards around the spine, activating like a source of energy each chakra, leading to an expanded state of consciousness, which is also known as Kundalini awakening.

Significance of Kundalini awakening

Even since Adam and Eve, we know that the symbol of the serpent is closely related to fertility, sexuality, healing and transmutation. The illusions and the limitations of the human soul can be easily overcome by means of internal alchemy. The three and half coils of the Kundalini are a vivid representation of the past, present and future.

We are all born with the seed of the Kundalini power, but not all will have the chance to experience it growing and changing life from within. The level of awareness is different from one person to another. Awakening Kundalini and taking advantage of a boost of vital energy can happen spontaneously or through detailed rituals. 

Find a true Guru first

Kundalini awakening is somewhat controversial, due to the nature of methods used to reach a deep state of consciousness and illumination: near-death experiences, yoga, meditation, prolonged stress, shamanic rituals or mind-alteration substances. This is why Gurus or teacher are regarded highly in eastern culture. These days, it is not easy to get access to a well qualified Guru who can lead and teach us to this process of Kundalini awakening. Nevertheless, don't stop looking :).

Kundalini requires a disciplined body and guided steps to be followed in most cases. Full Kundalini awakening has rarely happened to anyone ever – after all, we are talking about “awakening” your inner knowledge. 

The Awakening process can be as marvelous as birth and as terrifying as death at the same time. It is not a simple metaphor; it is a cumulus of neurological and biological processes that can significantly change the human body and spirit. Kundalini is the connector that links the cognitive understanding of the brain to the energies that flow through our body. 

It is a journey, not a destination

Understanding that there is much more that lies in us than the energy that simply keeps us alive will take us to the departure point of awakening Kundalini. It is a journey not a desitination, but it begins with taking one simple step: bow to your identified guru, while stepping into your core power – access the vital energy that you were born with, becoming one with the Universe. Continue this amazing path of realizing your enlightened self. Good morning to the new you!

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