September 02, 2020

In a world addicted to the fast-paced lifestyle and constant on the go mentality it can be difficult to understand the concept and the need of letting go.

It has become even more difficult to let go as our world moves through a pandemic that has created a loss for many people and created increased stress and anxiety for the masses.

Yoga and in particular Savasana is a place to find refuge from the external world and build a stronger inner connection.

What is Savasana

Savasana is described as an asana in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.  It states: "Laying down on the ground, like a corpse, is called  Śava-āsana. It removes fatigue and gives rest to the mind."  the literal translation of Savasana is sava = corpse asana = pose. 

The idea of Savasana in Yoga 

The idea of Savasana in a yogic way is the idea of surrendering and let die our unwanted thoughts, emotions that are within us. Savasana gives us the opportunity to consciously relax, dissolve the mind, and let go of the ego.   In the West, our lives have become a flurry of activity where multi-tasking is considered an achievement, and we are bombarded with noise through technology, social media, and constant interaction.

 Practicing Savasana

Savasana is a yoga pose that provides an opportunity for our nervous system to calm and space is created to connect to our higher consciousness. Savasana is a practice and it takes more than 5 minutes to achieve the benefits from this beautiful practice.

Savasana is a conscious choice of letting go. In Savasana we are not trying to meditate, we are not controlling our breath or changing our thoughts. Savasana is choosing to let go of the constant input and be at ease with ourselves and in silence.

Would you be surprised to learn Savasana should be practiced for a least 20 mins to reap the benefits of the pose? Our bodies need approximately 15 mins to physiologically relax.

Stages in Savasana

Stage one

The first stage is not yet Savasana. This is the space where we begin to allow the body to relax. Here our breath and heart rate slow and the parasympathetic nervous system becomes dominant.

Stage two

In the second stage, Savasana begins. This is the time when we have the opportunity to withdraw from the external world. The body feels heavy and connected to the earth.  This stage can be compared to the idea of Pantajali’s 5 th limb of yoga - Pratyahara – a conscious withdrawal of input of the senses.  This state is present when you are drawn away by noises outside of you. The focus is inward.

Stage three.

This final stage of Savasana occurs when the ego and mind let go. This state may not be experienced every time Savasana is practiced. In this state, you will feel disconnected from the outside world and are present with pure consciousness.

Savasana is meant to be practiced in silence. 

The silence is not empty; it is a gift we give ourselves.

When we are silent we hear the whispers of our soul and gain insight, connection, and self-awareness.

Finding Savasana physically is important. Take the time to set yourself up in the pose. If landing on your mat for 20 minutes of relaxation we want the body to feel supported.  A way of achieving this support is to bring the joints into flexion.

Tips for Savasana

  1. Bolster or rolled blanket under the knees
  2. A rolled blanket under the ankles
  3. Sandbags or rolled hand towels under the wrists
  4. Support the head with a nest made out of a blanket or rolled blanket under the neck to support the C-spine but not pushing chin towards the chest.

Does this sound too radical for you? The idea of laying in silence for 20minutes.

Remember Savasana is a practice just like our yoga practice. Give yourself permission to explore and experiment. Perhaps you start slow and gradually build your time in the pose.

Interested in trying but unsure of the setup.  Follow this link Savasana Video to access your free video where I demonstrate how to support the body in Savasana.

Taking time for you is not selfish it is vital. Allowing the body, mind, and spirit to rest will reconnect you with your higher purpose and create clarity and reduce stress in your daily life. Savasana is a beautiful practice to bring in the relaxation you deserve.


Misty E-RYT200

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