November 26, 2017

Ojas: Vigour or Physical Strength and Good Health

Meaning of Ojas

The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word "Ojas" is  vigour or physical strength and good health. A concept that  exist for thousand of years, following sattvic diet (food that is fresh and nourishing) along with practise of Yoga movements or Asanas and Meditation, can repair and protect Ojas for a complete well-being of body, mind and spirit.

How to achieve Ojas

As per Ayurveda (the ancient Indian medicine practice), first step to achieve Ojas is by eating fresh and nourishing food. There are three vital essences that govern our body: Prana (Life), Tejas (Cosmic Radiance), and Ojas (Vigour). Unfortunately, today’s lifestyle is not very forgiving, isn’t it? Stress, lack of time, pollution and negativity are continuously punching holes in your immune system, slowly consuming our Ojas. 

Learning more about the energies that fuel your body through existence will give you a blueprint to re-engineer some of our daily habits or behaviours in order to adapt better to the current life rhythm. 

What does Ojas Represents

Think about the main processes that keep our bodies alive. They are simple physical processes, such as respiration, ingestion and excretion, right? If one of them fails, the body fails, it doesn’t function right. Converting one form of physical existence into another – like eating an apple, digesting it and rendering it to another form of energy in the ones that is needed by human body, happens through numerous processes. However, each of these processes helps create a different type of energy. Ojas are much more than a simple physical process. Unlike the above example, Ojas represents a dimension where you produce an unlimited, nonphysical type of energy by eating an apple and getting most out of it. It is a frail balance of energies that can be easily disturbed if we are not paying attention to ourself.

Imagine a buffer zone around your body that protects you from the negative factors that surrounds you. A buffer zone that you can take wherever you go, all the time, and that will facilitate your passage through life. If your Ojas is powerful, you will succeed with an ease.

 When ojas is diminished the person is fearful, weak, and always worried; has disorders in the sense organs, and deranged luster and mental ability; and is rough and emaciated. - Charaka Samhita, Ayurveda text

Three ways to increase Ojas

Now that you have understood what Ojas are, the question is how to preserve it, enhance it and let it work to your advantage. Ojas are the end result of perfect digestion, so it is obvious that we need to pay attention to what we bring into our body, how we metabolize it and assimilate it. Increasing Ojas is just a matter of time, care and patience. Here are three ways you can increase your Ojas:

  1. Mindful eating - Pay attention to your digestion: at least once a day, sit down and consciously, gently eat a freshly prepared meal.
  2. Mindful connection with nature - Don’t let a day pass without spending a few moments in nature- take a walk, smell the flowers or just breathe in.
  3. Mindful Yoga - Nourish your inner self by practicing Asanas: move, stretch and explore your body with attention, even if it’s just a few minutes each day. Your body will thank you.

With time, your Ojas will become powerful, the feelings of well-being, peacefulness and contentment will embrace you like a cocoon, facilitating daily life and self-preservation.

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