February 08, 2019

Why Made in Canada Matters?

Last year, there was a surge of #buycanadian hashtags on Twitter. Several databases emerged in Canada, including  this one from an Ontario teen as featured by CBC and many other media outlets. Although the sentiment originated from what it seemed to a be looming trade war between the US and Canada, it was not needed to be that way. Buy Canadian matters. But it matters for much more than merely geopolitical reasons. Buy Canadian is our version of buying local, which has far fetching positive impact such as reduced environmental impact, supporting the local community and generating good quality local jobs.



All Yoga Culture's Leggings are Product of Canada

Buying local is slowly getting traction across several product types now. Standing for the local community is one of our founding pillars. Therefore, all our leggings are designed and produced in Ontario. As we witnessed the #buycanadian hashtag going viral last year, we started to do more research on the difference between Product of Canada and Made in Canada. According to Canadian Federal  rules, if the direct total cost of making a product is more than 51% and the last transformation of good has occurred in Canada then you are still allowed to call it Made in Canada. This means you can very much import fabric and semi-finish it abroad and do the finishing work here in Canada. That way you can incur 51% of the cost, which should be easier to achieve given higher wages in Canada. Your product will be still called Made in Canada, even though your fabric is made abroad.



Our Canadian made Yoga Leggings, on the other hand, are a product of Canada, which has stricter rules and requirements. To claim a product as Product of Canada, virtually all direct cost of producing or manufacturing the good must be incurred in Canada (rule says 98% of cost). Our fabric is made in Canada using Canadian trademarked eco-poly fibre and sewn in Ontario. We are very proud to support good-paying local jobs and preserve the environment that way.



We are working on bringing some awesome new Canadian made products

Although little over a year old, we at Yoga Culture have never stopped innovating and building great new products that support a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We are going to soon launch Canadian made solid colour leggings, Yoga T-shirt made from Canadian made organic fabric. Stay tuned for more updates by signing up to our newsletter. Until then, keep buying Canadian products 😊

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