February 04, 2018

Practicing mindfulness is an important part of overall health and well-being, but it’s not always easy to do in your daily life, especially when you’re caught up in a busy routine. That’s why, in Part 1 of this blog series, we went over a few tips to help you practice mindfulness in your day-to-day life. Here are a few more things you can do to lead a more mindful life.

#5. Establish a healthy relationship with your mobile device.

Have you ever eaten a meal with someone who pays more attention to their cell phone than they do to you? Many people are so inundated with the information on the little screen in their pocket that they forget to pay attention to the world, and the people, around them. But, people who are mindful are able to develop a healthy relationship with their mobile device. They put it away or turn it off when they’re focused on someone or something else.

#6. Pay attention to your breathing.

Did you know that your breath is essentially the barometer for your mental and physical wellness? Your breath also happens to be the foundation for which mindfulness is built. When you are able to calm your breath, it will lead to a calmer mental and physical state of being. Focusing on your breath is a key part of meditation, but it’s something you can and should do throughout your day. Whether you’re in line at the grocery store or checking your emails at work, taking just one minute to focus on breathing in and out will help to calm and reinvigorate your day.

#7. Get outside.

Most of us go from the inside of our homes to the inside of our cars to the inside of our office buildings or schools. But, studies have shown that spending time outside in nature can help you reinvigorate you on a mental level, and replenish your energy and sense of wonder. Spending time outside has also been shown to relieve stress and improve attention and memory. So, even if you just take a 15 minute walk at some point during your day, make some time to get outside and soak in the fresh air and beauty of nature.

#8. Be conscious about what you're fueling your body with.

Eating is another one of those things that too many people do on autopilot. Mindful eating is about being conscious about what you are nourishing your body with, but it’s also about paying attention to the sensations of eating your meal, including how it tastes, smells and feels. When you take the time and pay attention throughout each meal, you’ll feel fuller and more satisfied.

All of the tips we’ve covered can help you lead a more mindful life, but one of the best and easiest ways to start practicing mindfulness is to start practicing yoga. Mindfulness is the center of every aspect of yoga, and its effects can ricochet throughout every area of your life. And, when you want sustainable, high-quality yoga tanks and apparel for your practice, there’s no better place to shop than with us here at Yoga Culture.

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