August 05, 2019

Embracing Yourself: How To Stay Body-Positive


Image is not everything, but we have a hard time remembering that sometimes. There’s so much messaging that seems to be aimed at telling us there’s something wrong with our outward appearances. Websites and magazines bombard us with tips and tricks to cover our flaws, lose weight or find the “perfect” hairstyle.


It’s no wonder that so many women of all ages struggle with their body image. With an entire industry centered on looks, it’s easy to feel like we need to change. For too many, that can lead to doubt, depression and even eating disorders. This is why it’s important to fight back and work on developing a more body-positive attitude. Despite what you may believe, it is possible to have a healthy self-image.


Once you learn how to take care of yourself without becoming hung up on meeting an impossible ideal, you’ll look and feel much better overall. In many cases, changing your mind about your shape simply takes a different mindset and finding your self-respect. For some ideas you can use to love your body more, look at the accompanying guide.


Author bio:  Stephanie Toland is an internationally published photographer and founder of  Stephanie Toland Photography . She has eight-plus years of experience, specializing in boudoir, maternity and beauty portraiture for the modern woman.


Embracing Yourself: How To Stay Body-Positive from Stephanie Toland Photography

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