May 13, 2018

What is Samadhi?

The ultimate goal of Yoga and the last of eight limbs of Yoga is Samadhi which is highest state of consciousness, the highest goal of yoga practice.  The word samadhi is derived from sama  and  dhi  –  sama  signifies equanimity and  dhi  signifies  the intellect. The idea is that in this state, the definition of t ime or space blurs out. Time and space is really a creation of our mind. Once you transcend the mind as a limitation, time and space doesn’t exist for you. There is no difference between the object and you. There is no past or future for you. Everything is here, in this moment. 

Types of Samadhi

There are eight types of Samadhi that have been defined in Yoga. Of these eight types, they broadly categorized into one of these two: Savikalpa and Nirvikalpa.

Savikalpa Samadhi is the incipient phase of consciousness, clearly delimited by the life that takes over your body and your mind. In this state, you are almost at the top, but you can still be aware of the process that closes up the senses. This state of samadhi is described as a very pleasant, ecstatic and blissful feeling.

Nirvikalpa Samadhi is the highest state of consciousness that you can reach through yoga. You have completely merged with the object/concept of your meditation. Leaving the physical body and becoming one with the universe and the underlying forces of the nature. The experience is said to be  beyond the feeling of pleasant or unpleasant.

When does meditation turn into Samadhi? 

Samadhi arises when your mind becomes completely absorbed in the object/concept of your meditation. The object of concentration and the mind become one. You are able to acknowledge the essence of things, not the details. The object loses its form, shape or any physical details and all you perceive is its essence and awareness in such a way that boundary between nothingness and the object does not exist.

We are already Enlightened

The fact is that we are already enlightened. It is our true nature to be in such state. It's just with our own created physical and mental boundaries, we are not able to realize it. But then what is enlightenment? To be enlightened means to be fully aware and experience the life without any filter biases, or beliefs. To be fully aware is to experience our real nature, the ultimate source of our existence.

Samadhi is a state where the intellect goes beyond its normal function of discrimination. This in turn, loosens one from his physical body. A space between what is us and our body has created. It is purest form of love and can only be experienced. All other seven limbs of Yoga are preparatory steps before Samadhi is achieved. 

May peace be with you 🙏.



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