October 29, 2017

Ananda Yoga: Align the sacred trio of Yoga: Mind, Body and Soul

What is Ananda Yoga?

Ananda Yoga is also the name of a worldwide movement or Asana(Posture) practice based on the teachings of Yogananda. It means to increase the level of consciousness through harmonious Yoga postures, Ananda will enable you to align the sacred trio of the Yoga: mind, body and soul.

Ananda Yoga can be easily adjusted according to the experience of the yogi. Beginners can practice easy postures, while the experienced yogi can try advance Ananda challenges.

Key focus of Ananda Yoga

  1. Asana: This includes the yoga postures.
  2. Pranayama: Techniques for breathing and energy control.
  3. Meditation: It helps you regain inner balance and improve your physical and emotional well-being.

Yoga is a philosophy in our daily life that applies outside the mat. This includes - complete balanced life and treating our-self and the others with deep sense of gratitude. This is what Ananda yoga is all about.

The particularity of Ananda yoga is a set of 39 techniques that will help you master your energy flow and allow you to regulate it according to your needs. Use Ananda to focus,  control your inner energy.  Ananda works from the inside out, flourishing gently and helping you grow without becoming forcibly physical.

Ananda yoga focuses its practice on certain principles

  1. Adaptation and flexibility (each practitioner will adapt yoga postures according to his/her possibilities). You don’t have to force yourself into the perfect pose. Try your best and this will be enough.
  2. Safe practice;
  3. Relaxation during practice, even whilst engaged in difficult postures.

Achieving the natural awareness state is easily facilitated during Ananda practice. With Ananda, you will be able to fully synchronise with yourself and people around you, in order to reach the highest point of consciousness. Get rid of the negativity and spread your wings!

Therefore, you will achieve a new mindset about the world, yet from a unique perspective.

Some of the main advantages of practicing Ananda

Advantages include: improved meditation, inner recalibration, mind stabilisation and an overall state of positivity. Ananda is great for those seeking to relieve some of the stress from the daily life. Ananda will help you connect and redesign the path to mind Enlightment so you can perceive the world around you in a clear, positive manner.

May peace be with you !

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