August 05, 2017

Ahmisa - Principle of "DO NO HARM"

In a world full of egocentrism, hate, war and materialism, perhaps the easiest way to relate to others is by doing good. Yes, you read right – BY DOING GOOD.

Even if the rest of the world is caught in a network of negativity, if you practice Ahimsa (non-violence) then you can create a positive and harmonious world not only for yourself, but also for the others. Ahimsa is a key virtue of ancient Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, that says “Ahimsa paramo dharma” which means “Non-Violence is the supreme religion”.

However, I would like to remark that in the light of the resonance law, "do no harm" actually means the necessity to do good, to everyone, every time. Ahimsa is not only about abstaining to “not to harm” - it implies “to do good”. In fact, the word AHIMSA has a much deeper meaning than the regular translations offered by the English language. Besides the basic meaning, Ahimsa may also means to abstain from negative thoughts, meaning, to witness a complete absence of negativity in body, mind and spirit.

If you want to fight anger, align yourself to a state of calm; if you want to fight fear, amplify your courage; if you want to fight your own ego, practice humility.

The first step towards Ahimsa is to acknowledge your negative thoughts and to understand that violence always occurs on a background of weakness, fear or insecurity. Ideally, a yogi able to fully assimilate and practice Ahimsa is able to answer to any bad with good, spontaneously, regardless the situation or conjunction.

Effective spiritual practice, a peaceful lifestyle and social positivity are the direct result of inner peace and non-violence. Remaining grounded is a large part of this practice. In staying grounded, Ahimsa teaches us to become the seeds of the future, the seeds of peace, ready to be spread around the world.

Practice Ahmisa!

Ahimsa, at its core, implies mindfulness, and helps us to understand that all beings have the right to be free and happy.



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